Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite annuals of all time: the Dragon Wing Begonia. This unique variety of begonia flower is not only ridiculously easy to care for, it is also the rare plant that thrives in both sun AND shade!

Why You’ll Love the Dragon Wing Begonia
Why will you love this? Let me count the ways! You can put this begonia plant in the dirt or in a pot. You can plant it pretty much anywhere, shade or sun. You can miss a day of watering knowing that it will bounce back the next day as soon as it gets a drink. You can forget about deadheading – it’s a totally unnecessary aspect of begonia care for this amazing plant.

And what will you get for this complete lack of effort? A stunning display of pink or red flowers from mid-May all the way until frost!

I usually plant the red Dragon Wing Begonia, but this year I decided to get a little crazy and planted both the red and the pink. I put them in two large brick and concrete planters that go all around our deck, where I’ll be enjoying their continuous blooms until the cold weather comes. Looking at these beautiful begonia plants never fails to cheer my day! People always comment on them, and several friends have now planted Dragon Wing Begonias in their gardens, too.

Dragon Wing Begonia Care
Here’s what you need to know

• Where to Plant: Patio containers, pots, hanging baskets, flower beds
• Light Requirements: Sun or shade (this is what makes it so unique!).
• Water Requirements: Regular watering as needed.  Fertilize once a week with “Jacks” 20-20-20.
• Maintenance Category: Soooooo Easy. No need for deadheading or trimming.
• Bloom Time: Continuous from May 15 to Frost

Dragon Wing Begonia Characteristics
Here are a few more facts about this wonderful begonia plant:

• Duration: Annual
• Garden Height: 14 to 18 Inches
• Spacing: 15 to 18 Inches
• Flower Colors: Baker’s Village carries mostly pink and a few red
• Foliage: Large, glossy green leaves
• Habit: Mounded
• Heat Tolerance: Good
• Container Role: Thriller

Stop by Baker’s Village to pick up some beautiful Dragon Wing Begonias to add a spectacular display of color to your garden. In addition to selling these in pots for your planting pleasure, starting on May 15 we’ll also have these begonia flowers ready-to-go in hanging baskets for just $29.99. A perfect hostess gift for your neighbor’s Memorial Day BBQ!