The other night I got home after a long day, walked in my front door, and immediately felt all of my stress just melt away. Why? Because thanks to their automatic timer, my Luminera battery operated lights had come on and my living room appeared to be awash in the soft glow of flickering candlelight.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love to have pillar candles around my home. To me there’s just something about the candlelight that makes a place seem warm and comforting and inviting. But I also worry about the danger of having burning flames all over the house. What if one should fall over

The perfect solution

When I first saw a Luminera flameless candle I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had seen “fake candles” before, but these battery operated lights were so realistic that I did a double-take. They’ve got real wax with melted edges. They’re lightly scented, just like real candles. And – unlike all of the other candle-like battery operated lights that I’ve seen – the white “flame” on the Luminara pillar candles actually flickers! It’s just amazing what can be done these days with electromagnetic technology and LED lights.

Luminera Candle Flameless Dance

Totally safe

Luminera flameless pillar candles are just like real candles, but without the mess or potential hazard of an open flame. I don’t have to worry about knocking them over. I don’t have to worry that they’ll drip messy wax all over my nice furniture. And when friends drop by with their young children, I don’t have to rush around the house blowing all of my candles out.

Luminera Candles Flameless Kitty and Child

They’re safe around pets and children…and customers. I say this because we often use these at Baker’s Village to light up our lanterns. And I’ve heard that a lot of people like to put them in children’s bedrooms for use as a night light.

Luminera Candle Child Sleeping

The timer feature is really wonderful

To make things even better, these are battery operated lights with timers. I’ve got mine set to come on automatically every evening at 7:00, and then turn off again five hours later. Although I certainly haven’t kept track myself, according to the manufacturer each light should be getting about 500 hours of glow time on two “D” batteries.

The optional remote control is pretty cool, too

Although I like to use them as battery operated lights with timers, some of my friends prefer to use them as battery operated lights with a remote control. I imagine it’s especially convenient if you keep your pillar candles in centerpieces or difficult-to-get-to locations. Instead of having to pick each light up, turn it over, and flick the “on” or “off” switch, you can just walk through the house with your remote control and go click, click, click.

Two words of warning, though, courtesy of one of my friends. First, if you want to use the remote you have to remember to keep the candle at the regular “on” setting, not on the “timer” setting. Second, when you first get the remote, be sure to pull the plastic tab from the battery pack area. Otherwise you might think the batteries are dead when they’re actually just blocked.

Available at Baker’s Village

Baker’s Village carries the Luminera battery operated fireless pillar candles in three heights: 5”, 7” and 9”. Yes, they’re a bit pricey – but they’re totally worth it. I predict that once you buy one you’ll be coming back for more. They are that wonderful!

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